Samdech HUN SEN
Prime Minister - Kingdom of Cambodia
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Humanitarian Affairs UK for supporting and choosing Cambodia as the host country for this 5th USL Symposium. It is with great pride that the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Cambodian people host this momentous event for the first time in Phnom Penh, our capital city.

I would also like to congratulate the good collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia and Humanitarian Affairs UK in co-organizing this significant Symposium that will unite promising young leaders from leading universities around the world to start meaningful conversations and develop a global network between young people of all nations.

I do believe that this Symposium will serve as another platform to engage the young generation in social, humanitarian and environmental activities, contributing to a sustainable and responsible development at local and global level.

The power of direct experience can have a profound influence on youth’s perspectives and ideas of humanity and life. As a delegate to this inspiring symposium, you will hear first-hand from people who were once in the same position you were in, at university, and wondering what to devote their working career towards. You will see the progress they have made to the lives of children, of families, and of the community that is our world.

You will be given the inspiration and tools to truly take control of your life’s decisions, and to realize that your personal destiny is as much in your control as your ability to commit to and make social development your major career goal. Motivational speakers at the symposium will present material devoted to opening your mind to the opportunities the world has for compassionate, hard-working, resilient young leaders.

You will see, hear, meet and exchange with the people at a one-day humanitarian journey, you are going to experience and I assure you that the way of your thinking and your attitude will be changed because of this experience. I hope you challenge the limits of your comfort zone, and broaden your moral perspective of who you consider to be humanly equal to you. I strongly hope that this glorious symposium will provide a great opportunity for all participating delegates to integrate new ideas, exchange experiences and establish key strategies and platform for the development of humanitarian initiatives and volunteer activities for the sake of sustainable, responsible and inclusive development.

As Prime Minister of this wonderful land, I would like to humbly encourage you to discover that you have the power to build a superior individual identity that will in the future transpose into the rest of the world in reducing poverty and creating global peace, contributing to the achievement for a sustainable future for all. I wish you a great success in your future endeavors.