Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib
Prime Minister - Malaysia
It is my great pleasure to be able to support Humanitarian Affairs and its work on issues pertaining to poverty, climate change, sustainable living, culture and diversity, leadership and education, and humanitarian work.

I am pleased to note that Humanitarian Affairs has hosted the University Scholars Leadership Symposium with the Government of Malaysia in Malacca, Malaysia.

I understand that the symposium aims to draw the attention of young people to take on proactive action to contribute to achieving a sustainable future, which is in consonance with the Millennium Development Goals. Succinctly, it expects to break down the barriers between nations and create strong linkages among young people.

Formal education enables us to perform effectively in academic and working realms. However, the acquisition of knowledge by attending an international symposium is often the most powerful way of learning.

Through such meetings, young people have the unique opportunity to appreciate the differences of each other’s cultures through discourse during breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks or simply by exchanging greetings with someone from the other end of the world.

I believe the goals of the University Scholars Leadership Symposium are to prepare our future leaders to build a better world for our children.

It is my humble suggestion for young people to seize the opportunity offered by Humanitarian Affairs. Have the courage to believe that you can make a difference. As with everything in life, the first small steps matter the most.

At the end of the symposium, I hope you will not walk away and forget about the challenges that lie ahead. I urge you, the future leaders of the world, to overcome them.